Too much snow

Last night we had a couple of inches of snow. By the standards of people who get "real" snow this is nothing. However, I did notice one interesting side-effect of all the snow: the impeller that measures the wind-speed on the anemometer is now totally snowed in and I'm no longer getting any wind-speed readings.

An unexpected problem and I doubt there's a simple solution. I guess I'm going to have to wait until a good gust of wind or a thaw (expected Friday) clears it.

File Under: Personal Weather Station, Snow, Anemometer Problems.


Anonymous said...

It has been thawing all day in Leeds. I can even see a few stars now ;-)

Dave Pearson said...

Yeah, started thawing here around 10 or 11 this morning thanks to lots of rain. We've had rain on and off since and lots of pretty thick fog.

I did actually see a hint of a star or two about an hour ago but, as soon as I saw them, they were obscured again. I don't think I'll be out tonight.

Leeds eh? Is that your home ground then (I'm originally from just up the road in York).