Installation kit has arrived

The installation kit that I ordered on Monday arrived this afternoon so I've now got everything I need to get the WS3600 installed and set up. Apart from time — I'll need to find some of that too.

It's quite an impressive kit. Last weekend I had a look around for some sort of TV aerial installation kit (ideally one that didn't come with an actual aerial) but couldn't find anything workable in the local DIY stores. What I did find wasn't very substantial and the prices weren't that far off the cost of the Skyview kit. What also sold me on the Skyview kit, given the price and how it compared with aerial kits, was the fact that it comes with all the bolts, screws, washers, plugs and cable tacks you need to do the job. Even better is the fact that it comes with two masonry drill bits, each the right size for the drilling you need to do (I do have a set of masonry bits but I know at least one of them has a broken tip and you can bet that'd be the one I need).

One really nice touch is that they include a small compass for setting up the wind vane. Not that I needed one, but I'd hate to have purchased all these bits and then found that I couldn't finish the job because I didn't have a way of easily finding north (although I might have to get a move on to stand a chance of getting it right).

One amusing moment: the compass is quite small, almost small enough to be a keyring. It's got a small carabiner attached to it. Also attached is a cardboard tag. On the back of the tag it says:

Carabiner is NOT made for climbing!
I'm glad they said that — I had been thinking about using it and some spare string, rather than a ladder, to get up the side of the office.

File Under: Skyview Installation Kit, WS3600, Personal Weather Station, Stupid Product Warnings.


Tag said...

Up & running? Will be following this blog with as much interest as your astro blog. I'm certain that my weather knowledge will increase as yours does.

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks Peter.

No, not up and running yet. The first chance I'll get to have some clear time to set it all up will be this weekend, hopefully Saturday. First thing I've got to do is borrow some ladders so I can get high enough up the side of my office (which will be interesting, I'm not that good with heights <g>).

The good news is that the forecast for Saturday is fair (but rather cold) so the weather shouldn't stop me.

I'll be sure to write up what happens as soon as I get the chance.

Tag said...

That carabiner is for the lucky rabbit's foot when you climb the ladder with tools and materials hanging about you.
Good luck. peter

Dave Pearson said...

Heh! Excellent, if I manage to injure myself (as I often do when I attempt anything that resembles DIY) I know who to blame due to the fact that they jinxed me. ;)