Now working with Linux

I've finally managed to get the link of the WS3600 working with one of my Linux boxes. Despite an earlier failure open3600 is now working a treat and is currently logging details from the weather station around once every minute.

Now that I'm building up a history of data the next step is to start work on the website that will be used to display the current conditions and all available history.

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Alex said...

Dear mr. Pearson,

I als have an ws3600 running in my home.
I am a newbe in Linux Ubuntu and very much would like to get my weather station running under Linux.

Could you give me a detailed Howto?

Many Greetings form a very wet Holland,

Dave Pearson said...

I'd be happy to as best as I can.

Rather than doing it via comments here (too much hassle) it'd be easier to do it via email. Drop me a line via email (you'll find my email address at the bottom of any page on my website) and I'll do my best.