More work on the new site

I've been experimenting some more with the data I'm getting from Open3600. Thanks to some shell scripts (written in bash) and gnuplot I've now got some simple graphs up and running. Currently I've just got graphs for today's data and yesterday's data up and running — when time allows I'll see about adding graphs for other periods of time.

So far Open3600 seems to be working well. However, I have noticed a couple of odd problems. In the data for yesterday I had two instances of the relative pressure being recorded as 11111 hPa, which is obviously wrong. Also, for yesterday's data, I had a relative pressure reading that dramatically dropped for a couple of minutes (dropping from 1002.5 hPa down to 983 hPa for two minutes and then rising back to 1002.4). Again, this would appear to be way out. I'll keep an eye on this effect and, if it continues, I'll see about reporting this to the authors of Open3600 on the off chance that it's a software problem.

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