Computer link working — sort of

This morning I had a go at getting the PC link of the WS3600 working and talking to one of my GNU/Linux boxes using Open3600. Sadly, I failed. For reasons I'm not sure about yet it either claimed that it couldn't open the COM port or it just sat there apparently doing nothing.

To be sure that the problem wasn't with the cable I hooked the base station up to my Windows XP box and installed the software supplied with the WS3600. Turns out that it's a copy of Heavy Weather. That ran without any problems.

As a little test I've set Heavy Weather up, along with its publishing software, to publish a little display on my weather website. Note that what you see there is just a placeholder page — a proper site with graphs, feeds, histories and the like will follow at some point.

What I aim to do now is go back and try and figure out why Open3600 wouldn't work; it could be that it's the software that's at fault or it could be my hardware.

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