Temperature reading problem

I've been watching the temperature reading for the last hour or so and it looks like I can confirm that the high reading I saw yesterday is down to sunlight falling on the thermo/hygro transmitter. Here's the readings I've got so far this morning (comparing my Maplin unit and a local personal station with my WS3600 — note that I'll be updating this as the day goes on).

10:30 GMT3.8°C4.0°C4.9°C
Sun hits thermo/hygro transmitter
11:12 GMT4.4°C4.7°C7.5°C
11:21 GMT5.0°C5.1°C9.4°C
12:08 GMT5.7°C6.8°C12.2°C
Sun no longer hits thermo/hygro transmitter
12:42 GMT6.0°C7.0°C10.1°C
13:04 GMT6.3°C6.9°C8.8°C
13:32 GMT6.5°C7.1°C8.3°C
14:32 GMT6.0°C6.6°C6.8°C
14:57 GMT5.6°C6.4°C6.1°C
15:50 GMT4.2°C5.9°C4.5°C
16:16 GMT3.7°C5.4°C3.7°C

Given this I really am going to need to try and find a better location (hard to do) or try and sort out some sort of extra screen.

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Anonymous said...

Your temperature readings are too high?
Please don't position your thermometer in the sun!
I have build a little sun blind to measure the right values. It's perfect!
On my website you can see a picture of my station.

Dave Pearson said...

Felix, thanks for the suggestion that I shouldn't position the thermometer in the Sun. However, this much is very obvious and, as you'll see from more recent entries in this blog, I've been working on methods of resolving the issue.

Nice solution you've got there.