Another strange reset

Like last month, I've just had the base station of the WS3600 reset itself for no obvious reason. As with the last time this happened, there was a beep, the backlight came on, every part of the LCD display turned on but, unlike last time, it didn't actually reset — it just seemed to hang.

After a short wait I finally pulled all power, waited a moment, and then hooked up the power again. This time the base station started up okay and, a short while later, data started to be received from the external sensors again.

This time the reset appeared to retain the rain total, the corrected pressure offset and the date and the time (although the time was the time that it had hung, not the current time). Everything else (the min/max values) were all lost.

If this keeps up it might start to get a little annoying and frustrating. Worse still, I know of one other person who has all sorts of odd problems with his WS2300 and I've had an email from one person, with a WS3600, who was having these sorts of resets on an almost daily basis. Sadly, I don't seem to be able to find any sort of explanation for them.

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