Pressure corrected

This morning I finally got around to sorting out what to do about the pressure setting on the base station. I did some more searching on Google and found this thread on this BB.

Following the advice in there I adjusted the relative pressure setting in the base station's configuration menu, setting it to the current absolute pressure reading plus 1.25hPa and this seems to have put me pretty much in sync with other stations near me. It does, of course, mean that there's another large jump in the pressure data (you can see this from after 10:00 in this table) and that all previous data is "wrong". I might have a think about going back and fixing it at some point. That said, I did imagine that the first month or two of running the station would be a "play and see what happens" time so I'm not too worried about it. Given that I've still got to shade the thermometer and I need to site the rain gauge where it's not in a rain shadow I'm happy to take the view that this setup isn't fully "live" yet.

File Under: WS3600, Relative Pressure, Absolute Pressure.

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