Wind maps

Another one for the "because I could" department: I've been having a bit more of a play with gnuplot and have ended up creating 2d and 3d plots of wind direction vs wind speed.

For the moment they only appear on the page of graphs for yesterday's data; the reason for this is that creating these plots is a little more processor-intensive than the other graphs and, if I create them for the last 7 days they look rubbish.

File Under: Weather Data, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, gnuplot.


Espen Klem said...

Hi Dave, I've just gotten my weatherstation to work, and wondered if you would share some of the scripts for making graphs, data I/O etc?

Dave Pearson said...

Sure, not a problem. Note that they're obviously kind of particular to the way I do things so I'm in no rush to publish them on the site as such because, without modification, they're unlikely to be useful to anyone else.

Drop me an email and I'll send over what I can with an explanation of what it all does.

As for the actual data I/O, get yourself a copy of Open3600.