Stats and stuff

Yesterday evening I finally got round to creating a database for my weather data (using MySQL) and writing some code that injects the data into the database. While the site itself has never been, and probably won't ever be, driven off a database doing this does help me improve the content of the site.

Having the data in a database that can be accessed with SQL means I can do all sorts of queries that'd be very tricky when working with the log files I create with Open3600's logging utility.

The first visible outcome of this is I've started a stats page on my site. There's only a couple of tables on there at the moment — I'll probably add more as other pointless ways of looking at the data come to me.

Next on the list will be re-writing the records page so that the data it uses is created from the database and so that more time periods are included. Tables for current week, current month and current year will probably happen at some point soon.

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