Silly pressure problem

I've had a long-running (for "since I've been using this setup" values of "long) problem with the WS3600 and Open3600 whereby, now and again, a pressure value of 11111 hPa would be recorded (first noted back in December last year). At first I wondered if it was a problem with the base station itself but, because this high value was never being recorded as a max pressure, I concluded that it was probably a problem with Open3600.

Since then I've been getting, on average, one instance of this problem every couple of days.

The base station is say on my desk and the display is visible out of the corner of my eye as I work on my computer. Earlier today, as I was working, something caught my attention and I looked over at the base station and saw that the pressure was flashing "-----" rather than displaying a value — the rest of the display appeared to be fine. A moment later a proper value was displayed.

I then checked in the data that had been recorded and saw that another instance of 11111 hPa had appeared. It would seem that it isn't Open3600 that's at fault but it is, instead, an issue with the base station.

Knowing that doesn't actually solve anything, but at least I now know what the source of the silly value is.

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Tim said...

Interesting. That's what mine was displaying as a symptom of failed base/remote wireless connection- `--' instead of numbers; glitch in the matrix?