Setup update

Just an update on how things are going with building the shelter. Over the weekend I had my first chance to get a coat of paint on it. I did this on Saturday afternoon and, by Sunday evening, it still wasn't quite dry. It's also going to need at least two coats (perhaps even three) — which is kind of odd considering that I'd grabbed a "single coat" paint to do the job.

I'm hoping to get the extra couple of coats on it this week so, fingers crossed, I might have it all done by next weekend. If I have the time and the weather is good I might be able to get it fixed up outside. The chances are that I won't get the time to move the thermometer itself and I'm tied up the weekend after next so it might be over a couple of weeks before I've got everything in place.

Thankfully, for the last few days, it's been overcast all the time so temperature readings have been correct. Of course, wearing my astronomer's hat, I'm sick of this overcast weather.

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