Yet another base station crash

Just like a few days ago, the WS3600 base station had another crash yesterday &mdash total lock-up, every part of the display turned on, nothing working.

Sadly, this time, it didn't happen while I was at my desk; it happened on a Saturday. The only reason I noticed is because I happened to check the current conditions using my PDA and I saw that an update hadn't happened for a while. Because of this no readings were recorded between around 14:00 and 16:40 (you'll see the gap here).

This business of resetting or, worse, crashing, is starting to annoy me a little now. It suggests that the WS3600 can't be relied on to work unattended — it looks like it needs lots of care and attention. I've done a fair bit of searching on the net for any information on this problem and can't come up with anything useful. At this rate I might see about getting in contact with La Crosse Technology to find out if they're aware of this problem.

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eklem said...

Hope you get it figured out Dave. I'm picking up my ws3600 today, and hope to set it up at a cabin, transmitting data to a website. But if it crashes all the time, it's not of much use.

Dave Pearson said...

Fingers crossed that you don't experience the problems I've had. I also know I'm not the only one to have run into this because I had an email from someone a short while back saying he was having a similar problem (although he was getting a full reset, not a total crash). Yet, at the same time, lots of Google searching hasn't turned up a whole lot of information.

I'm going to give it a few more weeks and see how things go on and then I'll see about getting on to La Crosse to find out if they're aware of any issues.

Stuart Braybrooke said...

Hi Dave

I found your blog on a Google search. How is the WS3600 display now? Mine regularly locks up when I touch it. The light comes on and the about 2 seconds later the display "ripples". Removing batteries and mains are the only way to recover. A few other "quirks" you will see displyed on my web site here http://www.braynet.freeserve.co.uk/interests-meteorology.htm.



Dave Pearson said...

Hi Stuart.

As you might see from more recent entries in my blog (and also from the crash log on the main site) I'm still having ongoing problems with random crashes.

Thankfully I've not seen any problems like the one you describe above.

That's a nice looking setup you've got there with your station.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I also have a WS-3600 and have used it for about 6 months. Recently it has started to crash/hang - often as much as one crash per day. Its very annoying!

I use the open3600 program suite on Linux.

Does anyone know if it also hangs if:
a) you dont have it connected to a computer?
b) use the Windows program that came in the box?

/ Tuomaz

Dave Pearson said...


I can't comment on no-connection or connected-to-Windows but I get the impression that it doesn't make a difference.

Ian's comments in this post might be of some interest to you.

As you'll see from my crash log I don't get hangs anywhere near as often as you do. If it helps, here's a few things I have done with my setup that might or might not make a difference:

* I've turned off the time signal syncing facility.
* I've turned off the storm alarm facility.
* I have the unit on mains power and also have batteries fitted.

As you'll see, I do get the odd crash, but it's nowhere near every day.

Anonymous said...

I have just brought the WS3600 and it has started crashing! All the symtoms that are mentioned in other peoples posts here are relevant to my unit.

I am very angry, as it was a gift for my brother - and it is pretty much useless if it keeps crashing and locking up.

I'll have to contact La Crosse about this.