Started work on the shelter

I've now started work on the shelter. So far, this afternoon, I've managed to build the main box and put most of the door together. It's turned out to be a little harder than I thought it might be. I'm the first to admit that I'm more than a little lacking in the DIY department (and I'm also one of those people who gets a little frustrated when things don't go together as easily or as well as I'd hoped) but this seems a little tricky — trickier than installing the weather station itself.

It's not that there's obviously anything wrong with the kit (not that I'm really in a position to know if there is), it's more a case of it being a job that often needs two pairs of hands and most of today I've only had the one pair.

The more it comes together the more concerned I am that it might not really do the job. The problem I've got is that the only wall I can mount things on faces east (ideally I should be mounting on a north-facing wall) and, obviously, the Sun in the morning causes me problems. I need something that's going to fully shade the thermometer during the morning.

Having seen the size of the gaps there are in the door (see right) I'm concerned that, during the morning, there might be times when the Sun is managing to shine right into the shelter and cause the problems I'm getting now.

I'm going to carry on with the build and installation no matter what (the install will probably happen in a week or so — once I've got the shelter built I still need to paint it and I generally only have the free time for this sort of thing at weekends). Even if this turns out not to be the perfect solution it should, at the very least, help protect the thermometer from the wind and rain. Also, if it doesn't fully work, the chances are that it gives me a base to build on.

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