Screen on order

I've been meaning to sort out a screen for the thermometer/hygrometer for a couple of weeks now but, because the weather's been overcast most days for a while and the over-reading problem hasn't cropped up it sort of slipped down the TODO list.

Today's been quite a sunny day and the problem came back:

The hump you can see from around 11:00 onwards fits in exactly with the time that sunlight was falling directly on the unit.

So, finally, I've just been over to Metcheck and ordered one of their screens in kit-form (the M9 on this page).

Setting this up should be interesting. As I've said elsewhere before, I'm not a DIY sort of person so I don't have many skills in that department. However, I think (hope) I can handle banging some wood together and giving it a couple of coats of paint.

File Under: WS3600, Personal Weather Station, Metcheck, Thermometer Screen.

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