Record of an occluded front?

I just noticed the jump in the outside temperature that you can see in the graph above. I'm used to seeing this, it's normally a sign that the Sun is out and sunlight is warming up the thermometer. Thing is, it's overcast at the moment so that couldn't be the cause.

I wondered what could be the cause of this "problem" for a short while and then decided to go on to the Met Office website to see if there was anything that could have been the cause of it. Looking at their charts I could see that an occluded front was due to pass over some time before noon. Armed with this information I headed off the Google to look up the term.

According to this page I should expect the following:
  • Milder temperatures once it's passed. See the graph above.

  • Pressure rise once it's passed. It's been rising slowly since around 06:00 today.

  • A drop in the dew point once it's passed. It appears to have fallen behind the temperature in the last hour or two:

  • Winds from south east/south before passing with a shift to the west after passing:

    Okay, that's more south west/south to west. But close enough?
Perhaps I'm way off here but it looks to me like I've just recorded my first identifiable weather phenomenon.

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