Rain bucket back from the dead?

Ever since the rain bucket died back in April I've been meaning to open it up and have a look inside to see if there were any obvious problems. As often happens, it was one of those little jobs that just kept being put off.

This evening I finally decided to pop the top off and have a look inside.

I was amazed at how simple it is inside. I couldn't see any obvious problems. While there was some dirt in on the rocker I doubt it would have been something to cause a problem (besides, when the bucket first appeared to die, I made a point of causing it to tip and I could hear and feel it happen). Despite not finding any obvious problems I came into the office to find that 0.5mm of rain had been recorded. It would appear that the bucket is back from the dead.


One thing I would note is that it got tipped a few times while I was cleaning it and then putting the cover back on yet I only got 0.5mm of rain recorded. I don't know if this means it was a "lucky" one-off or if the base-station ignores too many tips in a short time. I'll give it another tip soon to see if I get more rain recorded.

So, fingers crossed...

Update: Hmm, perhaps not. I've been out and tipped the bucket again and nothing has shown up on the base station. It would seem that it was a one-off event. Now I'm confused again.

File Under: WS3600, Weather Station, Rain Bucket.


Anonymous said...

Use a small amount of silicone spay
on the pivet shaft.
It fixed mine.


Dave Pearson said...

Thanks John.

However, I don't think that'd make a difference because it's not the tipping that's a problem.

From what I can tell the reed switch is playing up.