CloudCam revived

Back in March of this year I had a play with setting up a CloudCam. In the end it didn't work out too well so I gave up on that setup.

Last night, after trying to revive the rain bucket, I decided to have another go at getting a CloudCam up and running. This time around I used an old Windows XP box and quickly wrote some code in Delphi to do the capture of images. I'm not considering it live yet (hence the fact that it's not on the menu of weather site yet) but CloudCam is up and running again – for the moment anyway.

This is just an experiment to see if I can get something working well with the new equipment and new software. If it doesn't turn out well I'll disable it all again. If it does I'll have it go "live".

File Under: Weather, Clouds, Sky Camera, Cloud Camera, WebCam.

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