UK average wind speeds

While searching for something totally unrelated today I stumbled on an interesting little image: a map showing average UK wind speeds. The map is part of the BWEA's wind speed database page.

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phil said...

dear dave,

ihave a property in hull and on the 17th dec.07 the wind blew my chimney stack down i think the winds on the 15th 16th and 17th where between 35and 40 gusting to 45mph i did not get a copy when this happened and the insurance company norwich union have refused to pay they said the winds wasnt strong enough. the stack which weighed approx 5 tonsmashed my roof to bits and up to now it has cost me £10,000 my solicitor said that if i could get some evidence to support thi i will have a better chance of suing norwich union. i would really be grateful if you could give me some information or point me in the right direction kind regards phil gittens

Dave Pearson said...

I don't recall it being terribly windy on that day but, then again, this is a personal weather station which isn't that close to your location so I guess that's not a lot to go on.

I can see on WeatherUnderground that there's a station quite near you. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any data available for the day you mention.

There's another one close by and they do appear to have data for that day although the wind speeds recorded don't look that significant to me.

Joe Gallagher said...

Dear Dave,

Is it me or is the UK (or perhaps the South East where I live) becoming windier? Is there anywhere that I can check this?

Dave Pearson said...

Good question. I can't, off hand, think of a good place to work that out.

Perhaps a search for long-term average wind speed data would be a good place to start?

Diana said...

Thanks Dave. I love that map. Any idea how I might find one for France??

Dave Pearson said...

No idea.

How about you drop BWEA a line and ask if they know of such a thing?