UK Storm and other bits

Today's storm has been interesting so far, but not for the reasons I was expecting. For one thing, so far, at my location, it hasn't been quite so bad as I thought it might be. We've had worse winds recently (especially the storm a couple of days after the Lincolnshire earthquake) and, so far, it's nowhere near as bad as the January 2007 storm. The main reason why it's interesting is how low the pressure is at the moment.

As my weather station got up and running I noticed that, on and off, I'd get pressure spikes and dips – these would last for one reading, rarely two, and would throw out my graphs and stats. Because of this I added a little bit of "filtering" for the graphs and other things so they'd ignore values that seemed too hight or too low.

For no specific reason I'd set the low point of the filter to 970 hPa. When I got up this morning the pressure reading was already below that and still falling. Because of this I had to make changes to the code that creates my graphs, and also to the code that adds the data to my SQL database, so that the low point is 960 hPa. The pressure is still falling and I suspect I might need to change this again so that the low point is 950 hPa (this would result in a range of 950 hPa to 1050 hPa, which would actually fit rather well with the usual range mentioned on this Met Office page).

Edit: (2008-03-10 13:00 UT) Sure enough, I've just had to modify the minimum pressure filtering again to take it down to 950 hPa because the pressure has just fallen below 960 hPa.

In other recent news (I've not really written much on this blog recently, sorry about that) I've had a couple more base station crashes. The first was on 2008-02-28 and I lost about ½ an hour's worth of data. The second was on 2008-03-08. This is the first time in quite a long time that I've had two crashes so close to each other.


Anonymous said...

How did you put Open3600 collecting data?
And how you upload the data?

Dave Pearson said...

I use the log3600 command to grab the data every 60 seconds and I place it in a text file per day.

As for uploading the data: I do that every 5mins using rsync.

Anonymous said...

I put log3600 running but it doesn't save the data. How can I save it in a text file?
And do you know somo program like rsync for windows?

Dave Pearson said...

Note that I do all of this on a GNU/Linux box so I know nothing about running Open3600 on Windows.

How, exactly, are you running the log3600 command?

As for software like rsync for Windows? Sorry, don't know. Try doing a Google search?