London Tornado

I've been staying in London most of the week (in Barnet to be exact). For most of this morning the weather was pretty fine down there, a little breezy but other than that we had nice clear skies, very little cloud to speak of.

As I was getting ready to leave this morning, at just after 11:00 UT, a large dark cloud moved in, it started to rain and the wind started to pick up. Suddenly there was lightning, then the rain really started to hammer down, followed by sleet and then hail. Suddenly the wind got very intense, worse than any wind I've experienced before — it was so windy it set off pretty much every car alarm in the street. And then, almost as quickly as it had come, it eased off.

I was amazed at what I saw but didn't think too much of it after that (other than being amazed and impressed, what with me being interested in weather and all).

The next couple of hours were spent on the underground and then the train back up to Lincolnshire and in all that time I never got to see any news. Then, this evening, I turned on the TV to catch up with the news and caught this story.

From what I can tell, looking at the location of the tornado and looking at the direction the weather was moving in, it seems that what I experienced was the remnants of that tornado.


Jeremy said...

Hi dave,

I'm in London also and directly south of the area where the tornado was. We also had the bad weather much like you describe at around 11am.

Anyways just a note to thank you for an interesting read about setting up your weather station and website.

I have aquired a sime LaCross WS8610 and have kind of gotten a script running to read the temperature off of it and graph it in rrdtool using cacti. Have you ever considered using rrdtool for graphing your temperature and presure etc?

I find the "feature" where it is constantly scrolling from the right (so you can see the full last 24hrs for example) to be quite usefull. Rather than have each day on a new graph.

Ive been graphing temperatures off wunderground for a while now. For interest sake my out-door sensor also seems to be affected my the early morning susnshine. But I still need to confirm that.

Anyways. Thanks!
And enjoy the weather :) If anything its atleast one thing that always happens :)

Dave Pearson said...

I can't say I've ever heard of rrdtool before, I'll have a look at that.

As for graphs that are a rolling 24hr window, I'd be able to do that with my current setup, I just kind of prefer to have the today/yesterday approach.

Looking at the examples on the site the graphs look quite nice so I might have a look at it from that point of view.