Another early morning crash

The WS3600 base station suffered another crash during the early hours of Sunday morning. Annoyingly I didn't notice this until the afternoon so quite a bit of data was lost.



Hi just spotted your post on the WS 3600 weather station but can't find an email address for you! I've just got one for Xmas and have set it up on my Narrowboat. www.nb-quidditch.blogspot.com but it keeps crashing my new computer! Apparently it's something to do with the USB serial converter. I get a reading on the pc then suddenly crashes to Blue Screen. Do you have any advice?? I'm using Vista!

Dave Pearson said...

From what you say it sounds like you need to be checking if your USB/serial converter works correctly. Doesn't sound like it's a problem with the station.

Sorry, I don't know Vista, or pretty much anything about USB/serial converters either.