More rain data recorded

It really is starting to look like the rain bucket is back from the dead. We've had some snow today, not as much some parts, but some. And, once again, the rain bucket has recorded something.

It might be too early to say so, but it really is looking like it's started working again all on its own. For the moment I've reinstated the rain graphs and data on the main site and I'll be keeping an eye on how things go.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Thank god I found your blog as I thought I was alone with problems with the WS3600! I too have suffered multiple crashes, usually with lost data, and my rain gauge gave up the ghost six weeks ago. I would dearly haved loved it to have been working during the recent wet weather but, alas, no joy :-( I have dismantled it, checked the rocker, solder joints, etc and nothing can coax it back into life. The slight problem I have is that the company I bought it from (who shall remain nameless) have gone bust, and I am struggling with LaCrosse support in France (not surprising, seeing as I don't speak French!!). It looks like I'm scuppered but I will pray that mine comes back to life like yours did.

Dave Pearson said...

Sorry to hear that Anonymous.

To this day I've still got no idea why it stopped working and just started again.