Records for 2006

Now that I've got 1 year of data and, more to the point, now that I have data for a whole calendar year, I've extended the records section of the site to include the records for 2006. This includes min/max/average values for each month as well as the values for the whole of the year.


Sam said...


I'm trying to find some rough data average number of days that the temp reaches -3c or lower in the UK.

I'm not looking for accurate stats, just a rough idea.

Do you know where I could find this out?

Dave Pearson said...

WeatherUnderground might be once place to approach - lots of weather stations feed that. Although, off hand, I don't know how you'd get the data but it might be worth asking them.

Perhaps the Met Office could help?

What sort of timespan did you have in mind?

Also, the UK's a reasonably big place, did you have a specific place or region in mind?