Gimmie Shelter

Yesterday I finally got around to installing the shelter and moving the thermometer (which is also the hygrometer and transmitter) into it.

It wasn't such a difficult job either — took just under an hour. To be on the safe side I disabled the downloading of data from the base station while I did the work (you can see the gap in the data here). I did this because I was going to be handling the thermometer and also unplugging the anemometer and the rain bucket — given that no data would be coming from them there was a chance that odd values could have been recorded. The only error to come out of the exercise (so far anyway) was a record of 0.5mm of rain; chances are I nudged the rain-bucket while getting the ladder in place and this would have caused a tilt.

So far, so good. One concern was that putting the thermometer in the shelter would mean that it didn't record lower temperatures so well but the values recorded over night look pretty much okay. Right now the external temperature is showing as 0.9°C — exactly the same as the little Maplin internal/external thermometer is showing. My nearest personal weather station is currently showing 0.4°C.

The real test will be what happens when it's sunny and sunshine is falling on the shelter itself. It's totally overcast at the moment so it looks like I won't be able to test that today. Unsurprisingly the forecast for a large part of this week seems to be more of the same so I might have to wait a while to see if the shelter solves the problem.

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Espen said...

Looks like it's working if you look at this graph: http://wxw.davep.org/graphs/last7/ The last daytime peaks (temperature) are much smoother.

Dave Pearson said...

Sadly that isn't really the case. The last three days (as is today, so far, as of 08:42) also happen to have been overcast so sunlight hasn't been an issue anyway (just as sod's law dictates).

I'm still waiting for a sunny morning so I can see if the shelter has made a difference.